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Daily Horoscope: March 13, 2018 The Moon is in Aquarius today.

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Daily Horoscope: March 13, 2018

The Moon is in Aquarius today.

Venus squares off with Saturn at 8:39 AM. This is a frustrating energy, one that will leave everyone feeling unfulfilled in his or her desires. It’s an important time to practice gratitude. The Moon, in logical Aquarius, connects with Venus at 11:21 AM, generating some helpful energy. A more optimistic vibe will arrive once the Sun connects with Jupiter at 4:06 PM. The Moon connects with chatty Mercury at 5:36 PM.
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Your planetary ruler Jupiter connects with the Sun this afternoon, creating a lucky energy and bringing in new opportunities. This will be a welcome change after a very grouchy and unsatisfying morning.


Stress will arrive this morning; you’ll find yourself wondering if you’re good enough. But remember, Aries: You’re always number one (at least on the zodiac wheel), and temporarily not getting what you want doesn’t change that!


Your planetary ruler Venus squares off with Saturn this morning, finding you facing difficult realizations—and feeling frustrated about not getting what you want. Fortunately, communications in your close relationships will become easier later on.


The Moon is in fellow Air sign Aquarius today, encouraging you to try something different. This morning you’ll experience some stress within your social life and with the people you’re closest to, but easier energy will flow later on tonight.


The energy will be tense in your partnerships this morning, but things will shift once the Sun connects with lucky Jupiter, opening you up to new opportunities, romance, and creativity.


Your planetary ruler, the Sun, connects with lucky planet Jupiter today. While there’s tension in the air this morning, and people won’t be in an especially good mood, an easier energy will flow this evening as you connect with those closest to you.


You’ll face some obstacles around intimacy today, thanks to sweet Venus squaring off with serious Saturn this morning. Fortunately, there will be pleasant and easy vibes in your communications later on.


Your planetary ruler Venus squares off with Saturn, which will serve as a sad reminder that we don’t always get what we want. Tension in your relationships will arrive today. Thankfully, chill vibes are flowing at work.


The Moon is Aquarius, finding you focused on your home and family as you manage tensions around getting your work done this morning. Easy vibes will flow in your love life and around creative endeavors later on.


Your planetary ruler Jupiter connects with the Sun today, creating a harmonious emotional energy after a tough morning where you felt like you weren’t getting your needs met.


Venus clashes with your planetary ruler Saturn this morning, finding you dealing with obstacles and tension around your home and family. The Moon is in Aquarius, encouraging you to reflect on self-worth.


One of your planetary rulers, Saturn, squares off with Venus this morning, creating tension. Communication feels like it’s going nowhere. The Moon is in your sign, encouraging you to nourish yourself.
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