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This Is The 1 Horrible Reason This ‘Housewives of Orange County’ Star Gained 40 Pounds

This Is The 1 Horrible Reason This ‘Housewives of Orange County’ Star Gained 40 Pounds

She initially blamed the feud with old BFF Vicki Gunvalson, but is that the true reason why The Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador packed on 40 pounds? Early clues point to Shannon’s battle with Vicki, but Shannon wrestled with other demons like coming to terms with her husband David’s marital indiscretion.
Although her marriage seemed to be going in the right direction following a beautiful vow renewal ceremony, Shannon shockingly packed on the pounds when RHOC season 12 premiered. So why did Shannon gain so much weight? It may not come down to just one thing.

1. Shannon was having marital problems

Shannon and David smiling as they pose on a red carpet. Shannon was struggling with issues in her marriage with David. | The Last News via YouTube
Wrestling with the fact David cheated on her with another woman, Shannon and David try therapy in the hopes they can revitalize their relationship, Us Weekly reports.
The couple seemed to be working through their issues, even renewing their vows during a birthday surprise party, according to People. At this point in Shannon and Vicki’s relationship, the women are no longer speaking. However, that didn’t stop Vicki’s daughter from pondering why Vicki was not invited to the vow renewal.
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2. Shannon and Vicki’s friendship breaks down

Shannon and Vicki posing on a red carpet together.
They got along swimmingly before the scandal. | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images
The friendship fractured when Vicki’s boyfriend Brooks was accused of lying about having cancer, Bravo reports. Vicki felt that Shannon did not have her back during the scandal, pulling away and then publicly blasting Shannon on social media, Radar Online reports.
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3. Vicki spreads gossip about Shannon

Vicki posing in a white and nude dress on a red carpet.
Was Vicki really lying to Shannon? | Craig Barritt/Getty Images
The final straw was when Vicki shared private information about Shannon’s marriage with another cast mate. Vicki revealed that David beat Shannon and even claimed to have text messages and photos from Shannon as proof, according to People.
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4.Shannon gains 40 pounds

Shannon posing on a red carpet in a black shirt and white pants.
The stress caused some major weight gain. | AFP Contributor/Getty Images
Shannon started RHOC  season 12 battling 40 extra pounds. She said the weight crept up over the course of eight months and felt embarrassed about her body, according to Us Weekly.
Shannon worried her husband was disgusted by her body and pondered if her weight was the reason why her husband became distant, E News reports. Since their vow renewal Shannon said they couple would just “stay clear of each other.”
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5. Shannon blames Vicki for the weight gain

Vicki blowing a kiss at the paparazzi.
Was Vicki really the one to blame?  | Valerie Macon/Getty Images
After Vicki spread gossip that David beat Shannon, Shannon’s weight began to spiral out of control. “I knew an allegation was put out there about my husband … that stress caused me to eat more, caused me to drink more, and that’s a huge part of why I gained my weight,” Us Weekly recounted from the season 12 premier of RHOC. “My weight gain has affected me and how I feel about myself. I’m embarrassed of my body.”
When confronted with the allegation, Vicki responded, “Well, again, I’m sorry, Shannon, if you think I’m responsible for your weight gain,” she told Bravo’s Daily Dish. “I truly am. But I don’t believe I am. I believe that her marriage and her situation of exposing her marriage problems on TV was also a contributing factor to the stress.”
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6. She takes full responsibility today

Shannon smiling in a black dress and gold necklace.
She’s managed to pull through. | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Although Shannon and Vicki are no longer friends, Shannon backed away from blaming Vicki for her weight gain. “I just went off the wagon a little,” she told Us Weekly. “I’m the one that put the stuff in my mouth.”
RHOC cast mate Kelly Dodd said the blame lies with Shannon. “I think Shannon is stressed out about it, I mean it’s always easy to have a scapegoat, it’s always easy to point fingers and easy to point blame,” she told Page Six. “I mean when you can really take a good look at yourself, there’s really nobody to blame but yourself.”
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7. She’s already lost 20 pounds

Photo: Newest pic of Shannon
The RHOC star added exercise to her daily routine and a new eating plan, which is helping her reclaim her body. While admitting that working out doesn’t come easy to her, Shannon managed to shed 20 pounds and continues to work toward her weight loss goals.
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