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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst March Mercury Retrograde, But Here's How To Deal

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst March Mercury Retrograde, But Here's How To Deal

Starting on March 23, 2018, the dreaded Mercury retrograde will permeate our world with confusion. If you don't know what this astrological buzzword means, it's when Mercury appears to be rolling back in its orbit around the sun. Since this planet rules over communication and technology, all our normal means of exchanging information are jeopardized, leading to misunderstandings galore. Although we'll all be affected by its sting, these three zodiac signs will have the worst Mercury retrograde this March: Aries, Gemini, and Virgo. The effects will be even more severe if your Mercury also happens to be in one of these signs. If you don't know, use this birth chart calculator to find out what your Mercury sign is.
Even though this astrological phenomenon has a reputation for turning our lives upside-down, it's not always as bad as it seems, even if you are one of these signs. Yes, we'll be a lot more impulsive than usual, perhaps even saying offensive things we don't mean without thinking. We'll also feel pulled to contact people from our past who probably should remain in the past. However, Mercury retrograde happens three or four times a year, making it an inevitable cycle of learning and growth. If you take the lessons you'll learn in stride, you might even enjoy it. Regardless of how you decide to embrace Mercury retrograde, the good news is that it only lasts until April 15.

Aries: You May Give Off Some Bad Vibes

Not only does Mercury retrograde occur in your sign, it also makes a mark on your first house of the self. You'll likely feel filled to the brim with energy, like you can say or do anything you want without repercussions. Although you'll feel invincible, you might not be aware of the way you're coming across and there's a chance your behavior may be off-putting.
The best thing you can do is pause and take a moment to process your thoughts before acting upon them. Make time for quiet reflection, even in the middle of conversations or while in public. Despite your good intentions, it might feel like people are misunderstanding you. Even though you love to rush through things, slowing down once in a while will help you deliver your meaning with more clarity.

Gemini: You Might Argue With Your Friends

Since Mercury is your ruling planet, these retrogrades take an even harsher toll on you than the rest of the zodiac. It also occurs in your eleventh house of friendship, where most of the chaos will stem from. Negative aspects of your social life will feel even more apparent to you and talking about it will prove to be a tricky process. You may feel like you and your friends simply aren't on the same page, like you're drifting apart from each other.
Try to take these issues with a grain of salt. Things will only be rocky for a few weeks and then likely get resolved by the time Mercury goes direct. When approaching conversations with your friends, use the maximum amount of kindness and understanding. Don't lead with your frustrations. We're all going through a lot right now, so it's important you realize that the majority of it has nothing to do with you.

Virgo: You Might Stress Over Money

Mercury retrograde is an especially difficult time for you because Mercury also happens to be your ruling planet. The fact that its blowing up your eighth house of reincarnation with confusing energy definitely doesn't help. This house governs joint-funds and your ability to trust others with money. If you rely on anyone for a steady stream of income or if anyone owes you any cash, the next few weeks could be extremely frustrating.
The best way to lessen the drama is to spend wisely and don't engage in any financial commitments until this retrograde is over. Going into business with someone or lending anyone money isn't wise right now. Also, deal with financial matters on your own and be careful of who you trust. You don't want your stability in life to depend on someone unstable.

Your March 26, 2018 Weekly Horoscope Will Help You Survive The Mercury Retrograde Drama

We're officially in the throes of Mercury retrograde, everyone. Hold your loved ones close, don't make any serious commitments, and make sure to think before you speak. If this astrological phenomenon has you stressed out beyond belief, don't worry. Your March 26, 2018, weekly horoscope has every survival tip you could possibly need.
As you might already know, Mercury retrograde is known for making everything in your life more difficult. Communicating with others might feel more like pulling teeth, while minor inconveniences and mistakes drive wedges into what could have otherwise been a good day. But that's not the only thing making this week interesting.
On Saturday, March 31, you'll be faced with a full moon in Libra that also doubles as a blue moon (a second full moon in one month). This full moon may make you extremely self-conscious, especially while it's opposite Mercury in retrograde. Libra is a naturally critical sign that searches ceaselessly for balance and beauty. It might feel harder than usual to find that within yourself.
On that very same day, Venus will also be transitioning into Taurus, causing you to reevaluate your most precious relationships. Taurus wants to feel grounded and stable with their loved ones. While Mercury is also in retrograde, you may feel compelled to engage in serious conversations about your future, even though none of us are on the same page.
This week will be packed with complicated emotions, but there are plenty of ways you can channel your energy into something positive. Read on to find out what's in store for your sign.


With Mercury and the sun in your sign, you're going to feel ignited with energy and pumped up about life. However, you might get a little reckless with that vitality this week, Aries. Make sure you fill your schedule with constructive activities so you don't end up playing with fire instead. Mercury retrograde is not the time to do anything drastic or dangerous.


Your relationship with those closest to you might feel even trickier than usual this week, especially in your love life. You might feel like you're not agreeing with someone important to you, like you don't share the same values as them. It wouldn't be the worst idea to let these disagreements sit until you've both calmed down enough to discuss things rationally.


This week may be troublesome for your social life, Gemini. Mercury retrograde is making waves in your eleventh house of friendship, and this energy might make your relationships more stressful than usual. You might not see eye-to-eye with your friends, and if you're not careful, you could end up arguing with them. Make sure you think before you act on your frustrations. It might be smarter to let certain things go.


Money and success might be flowing your way this week, Cancer. With Mercury in retrograde, you might spend irresponsibly or involve yourself in drama at work. It's best to keep your bank account sealed tight for the time being, and leave all the bigger purchases for later. Also, be careful what you say to your colleagues and superiors. Considering how well you're doing right now, you don't want to offend anyone.


You're going to feel like solidifying relationships this week, Leo. You want to feel closer to your loved ones; maybe you even want to make a serious commitment to your SO. Mercury retrograde might thwart your plans right now, so hold off on getting involved in anything too serious for the next few weeks. Nurture your relationships, but just be careful about pressuring anyone into doing something they're not ready to do.


You'll feel like stretching your energy thin to help others this week, Virgo. You might even ignore your own needs in the process, but it's important that you conserve as much energy as possible, as you can only handle so much on your plate. Practice putting your needs first for the time being. It's difficult to help others while you're suffering under so much weight.


Your love life can go either way right now, Libra. If things are going down south, keep pushing and things will crumble even faster. If things are looking up, you should continue riding that wave. Steer clear of making any serious commitments just yet, but try not to break any commitments, either. Emotions are high right now, and it's best to look at things from a calm perspective.


You've got a lot of projects going on at once, Scorpio. Although you might feel like abandoning them and starting fresh, try going back and reevaluating the work you've already done. This is a good week to make edits, to build on top of the progress you've already made. You'll be surprised by how much beauty can come from it.


You're going to feel like indulging this week, Sagittarius. You love pleasure, and you love having a good time — so much so that it might distract you from accomplishing your goals at work. Since you take a lot of pride in your career, try to balance your schedule out with work and play. Be mindful of your priorities, but remember, there's no reason why you shouldn't have a little fun on the side.


You might feel tired and in need of some serious rest this week, Capricorn. This is a great time to dive into some much-needed self-care, to do whatever your heart's telling you to do in order to heal. Engage in meditative activities, get some fresh air, and spend time with people you trust. You might do some major reflecting on your past in the process.


This week, you're going to be presented with tons of opportunities both at work and in your love life, Aquarius. Ease your way through them rather than diving in head first with a splash. You're good at talking your way through things without getting too serious. Leave major decisions on hold, and slowly pick your way toward success. You can get a lot done this week, little by little.


You're full of confidence and energy right now, Pisces. You have a lot of opportunities to choose from, and success is proving to be easy for you. Just make sure to hold back on your ruthless energy, as it could alienate a few people who aren't used to you being so unstoppable. Navigate social situations with care, and be mindful of the way you're coming across to others.
Lauren Levinson

This Bliss Jelly Ball Cleanser Review Will Spin Your Face Washing Routine Right Round

When I got ready to do this Bliss Jelly Glow Ball Cleanser review, my thoughts went in this order: it looks like a boob, cool (!), and I can’t wait to try it. First thing is first: I put on my test bunny ears, and cupped the bouncy millennial pink ball in my palm, ready to take off a full face of foundation, brow pencil, eyeliner, and mascara.
The Jelly Glow Ball ($16; is not the first skincare-stuffed water balloon. The Boscia Charcoal Jelly Ball is similar, but it’s still a growing category as most brands sell their face washes in traditional tubes and jars. So we’ll give Bliss some brownie points for being innovative. Also, the pale pink ball looks perfect next to my Glossier Body Hero cream for those ’grammable #shelfies.
“Bliss has always made products that are not only effective, but provide a unique, fun experience,” Susana Escobar, head of product innovation at Bliss told Elite Daily.
Lauren Levinson
This brings up an important point: Bliss just revamped its entire collection of products, bringing the price point down to the drugstore level while making the formulas more holistic. Iconic staples like the Lemon & Sage Body Butter (which you may know if you’ve ever worked out at Flywheel or stayed overnight at a W Hotel) and the Triple Oxygen Self-Activating Facial have the same scents and/or concepts as the originals, but with improved ingredients. There’s also a standout lineup of newbies, including the Jelly Glow Ball, the Jolly Rancher-scented What a Melon Reviving and De-stressing Overnight Mask, and the pearlescent Ex-Glow-Sion Super Rich Moisturizer. Everything is available now on the Bliss website, on Ulta's website and at Target stores.
Now, let’s get into the basics for how this festive little ball works: to access the serum, you harness the provided toothpick to puncture a designated hole in the side. Make sure not to throw the pick away, as I found it helpful to nudge more gel out if it got stuck. I was worried the whole thing would explode — and I’m the clumsy type who spills red wine on everything — but I managed to avoid any mess. Clean freaks, don’t be turned off.
“The balloon is an outer protective casing for the actual Jelly Glow Ball to ensure the formulation stays fresh and protected until it’s ready for use,” Escobar explained. “There is no risk of the balloon or ball exploding as the ball itself is a solid jelly form.”
Once I opened it up, I was able to squeeze bits of pink gel out. You can activate the formula in two ways: you can massage the ball directly onto your damp face in a circular motion (so soothing) and then rinse it off with water. Or, put some formula into your palm, add water to make it transform into a foam, and smooth that over your skin. I gave both methods a whirl, and found the latter to be easier.
Lauren Levinson
The foam itself felt like a familiar airy face wash, and I appreciated that a small amount went a long way. I doubled cleansed, which took all of my makeup off, especially if I focused around my eyes. In the end, I was left with a squeaky clean, but not overly-stripped or dry feeling on my skin.
While the scent is a subtle geranium, it’s comprised of different ingredients. The hero is lychee extract, which is a vitamin C-rich antioxidant known for its brightening properties. It also boasts the extract of reishi mushrooms, a rare Japanese ’shroom that is super-hydrating and improves skin texture overtime. Tamarindus Indica Seed adds more nourishment and is considered to be a natural alternative hyaluronic acid.
Lauren Levinson
The best part: the Jelly Glow Ball lasts for up to 45 days, and it deflates a little each time you suds up. How fun is a slowly-shrinking balloon waiting for you at the sink every night?
I recommend keeping the plastic container it comes in as to use as storage, and Escobar warns not to let it sit in water. Will a boob-shaped face wash stack perfectly with your KonMari-ed products? Maybe not. But it’s absolutely worth giving a go if you just want to have more fun cleaning your face — or make a viral YouTube video!
Lauren Levinson
Plus, your skin will be glowing for that "after" photo.

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