Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season Seven Supertraile

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season Seven Supertrailer Shared from my Google feed

Stevie J is Involved With Another Artist, Kirk’s Paternity Results Are Finally In and Erica Mena’s Still Not Playing in the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Supertrailer

"It's just not fair...."
The time has finally come y’all. Atlanta is tew turnt up.

Questions that needed answers are finally getting them in the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season seven super-trailer. Erica Mena is back on the franchise and is focused on producing quality music this time around. Danger Zone 2.0 is in full-effect, and it seems as if Stevie is making separate promises to his original artist Estelita, Signed’s Just Brittany, and OG Erica Mena as to who will be the leading lady of the label. We are finally introduced to Mimi’s love Tamera, who immediately had a run-in with Mimi’s old friend Melissa. Let’s just say she isn’t happy about this union. Tommie Lee is on her bawse ish, trying to spend more time in the studio but less time with her family. That may be difficult seeing as how her sister Versace called the police on her. (Everyone knows Tommie and 5-0 don’t mix.)Jessica Dime’s fiancè Shawn has been on the road a lot, forcing her to strengthen the relationship with her mother. Jasmine, Kirk’s alleged baby mama, is back with a beat face and she’s looking for Rasheeda. Baby Kanon is growing up and Kirk tells Rasheeda he finally knows the results to the paternity test.
Stevie J is apparently facing jail time. Glam Shop’s Sierra has left her trifling husband Shooter, and at the end of the day every female is on “turn up” time to protect what’s theirs.
Don’t miss the season seven premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, next Monday at 8/7c!

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