Monday, March 26, 2018

Live Streaming? More Like Main Streaming!

Live Streaming? More Like Main Streaming!

Live streaming is becoming mainstream, and that’s great.
It took only one tweet to break Twitch viewership records, was it God’s plan or just a brilliant move from Amazon executives?
One thing is certain, Drake’s tweet took streaming one huge step forward towards the mainstream. More than ever, it seems like everyone nowadays wants to live stream games.
Spontaneous or a well-planned move, Drake sending all the traffic from his tweet directly to Fortnite paragon Ninja is something that should make every streamer happy. Ninja finished the stream with a record-breaking of 240K new followers, most of them watching a live stream for the very first time, and some will certainly come back for more.
The inevitable interview with “The biggest streamer in the world” quickly followed, adding extra hype and exposure.
Drake is of course far from being the first celebrity to live stream games on Twitch, but the biggest one so far. Many renowned athletes, musicians, and actors are already streaming more or less regularly on Twitch, and the only question remains, who’s next to join the bandwagon.

The YouTube invasion

Judging by the reactions on Twitter, not many Twitch streamers are happy about Logan Paul (17M YouTube subscribers) aiming at a Twitch debut. A lot are publicly calling Twitch to not allow Paul to stream on the platform. Others, though, like summit1g, see the potential in Paul becoming a Twitch streamer and bringing more new users into the Twitch community.
We really had millions to choose from
His tweet about hitting 100K followers before his first stream (which almost tripled when writing this piece) added more fuel to the fire. But Logan is far from being the first big YouTuber who ‘migrated’ over to Twitch; he is just the loudest.
Still on the low-key, YouTube star Casey Neistat (9M YouTube subscribers) has joined Twitch this February. Casey’s streams are still quite experimental, but with a mixture of outdoor mobile streams and some IRL time from his studio, he sure seems to get the hang of Twitch. One thing is certain, he sure likes StreamElements’ alerts.
Another star to take on live streaming is YouTube prankster Roman Atwood (14M YouTube subscribers), who made his first official stream on March 15th, streaming PUBG for over 3 hours.
Our prediction? Soon enough we’ll be seeing Twitch streams from YouTube, Instagram and SnapChat’s stars.

Everybody wants some Streaming

We don’t have to tell you why streaming is awesome, but here are the main reason many stars from different media types are suddenly discovering live streaming.
Pure Interaction
Every streamer knows that nothing beats the unmatched level of interaction which live streaming generates. Getting direct feedback from your audience is an amazing, unparalleled sensation. For people who live in the limelight, streaming is the purest form of interaction with your fans. No other social media platform can rival the immediate feedback delivered by live streaming.
Shortly, live streaming will be as basic as having a Twitter and an Instagram account.
Streaming became simple
Streaming used to be somewhat of a hassle and not something you can just simply do, main reason are:
  • Uploading images to your streaming software before every stream is a pain
  • Having all your graphics assets stored on your station in order to stream
  • Using multiple tools is a must, which creates a steep learning curve
StreamElements makes all of the above a thing of the past and streaming simple:
  • StreamElements enables loading your entire setup from one browser source, on every device, anywhere.
  • Having every tool a streamer needs in one platform makes creating a high quality stream effortlessly, without the need to have any technical understanding whatsoever.
Well, streaming is awesome
Gaming is not only cross-gender and cross age, it is also a social event. The excitement of playing with others is unparalleled, and more people understand that if you are playing anyway, why not share it with the world?
The future looks great
2018 will be a crossroad that will change live streaming, for the better. New audiences will follow their favorite singer or YouTuber that have started to live stream, but once over, maybe the next stream they will watch will be yours.
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